Insights Into Hitting $10k Per Month

Insights Into Hitting $10k Per Month

And the biggest takeaway and shift was not the new technology, new idea, new lead generator.

It was shifting what is going on inside of you.

You can keep searching for the next lead generating action to get you more leads and grow your business however that will not help you.

The problem is not your ‘competition.’
The problem is not technology issues.
The problem is not a financial one.
The problem is not even all those unsupportive people.
Your real problem is DOUBT.

Deep down,
on a heart level,
and in your subconscious ….

You don’t believe that you are the one.
You don’t believe that you have what it takes.
You don’t believe the odds are in your favor.
You don’t believe you are worthy of that thing.
You don’t believe you are really going to succeed.

You absolutely are good enough!
You have always been enough.
You will always be enough.
You are infinitely loved,
and you are never ever alone.
You don’t believe all that stuff for yourself yet,
and it is holding you back in a major way.

What you create in the external world
is merely a reflection
of everything you believe to be true.
Change the beliefs.
Change the reflection.
Every. Single. Time.

So if you’re stuck in the cycle of doubt,
you will continue to create a matching experience –
“proof” that you should be doubtful
evidence that nothing can be trusted
endless reasons to continue doubting
THAT is your real problem.

It should be your number one priority to solve it.
Yes, before you go get another technology upgrade or learn a new system or write a new strategy.
Because as long as doubt is running the show,
you’ll sabotage all those other things.

When you
A) Believe in yourself
B) Believe in the laws that govern this Universe
C) Believe in a power greater than yourself ….

I want you to write down what you truly believe right now about making money, about building a successful business, having the freedom you want.

Do you believe it’s easy? Or do you believe it’s hard?
Do you believe you can reach $10k/mth or do you believe its out of your reach?

Its time to create a new set of internal beliefs if you want to change your external world.