Triple Your Business With Raving Testimonials

Triple Your Business With Raving Testimonials

Testimonials are crucial to demonstrating social proof in your business.

The more testimonials you can have across your online and offline media the more effective and easier it will make the sales process.

Here are the questions you need to ask to get raving reviews about the wonderful results you help people achieve.

1. What was the obstacle that would of prevented you from getting started on a fitness program?

2. What did you find as a result of getting started?

3. What specific feature did you like most about (your business name).

4. What would be 3 other benefits about starting?

5. Would you recommend (your business name)? If so, why?

6. Is there anything else you would like to ad?

Once you have the answers to these questions make sure you constantly use them is all of your marketing.

Post the responses on Facebook, create a new page on your website that highlights the wonderful results and also communicate this via your email broadcasts.


Create a system in your fitness business that allows you to constantly gather new testimonials.

And here is how I achieved that in my business.

When a new client started I would always do their measurements to see where they are.

Then we had a system in place where I had a point of contact every week for their first 30 days.

Once their first 30 days was up I scheduled a follow up appointment to check their progress.

In this session I reviewed their progress, program and took their measurements again.

Of course every single client had some physical result.

I then create a sheet that they filled out on how they felt and what they had achieved, that they hand wrote and signed (see example below)

That sheet went onto our Hall of Fame board which was then used a sales tool for the enquiries I had coming through.

Which as you can imagine was SUPER POWERFUL! This helped with conversions massively!!

Here is an example of mine:

I just recently started at [insert business name] and in 30 days I feel……..





My results include……





Name: __________ Signed_______________ Date___________