10 Ways To Make More Money This Week

It’s not at all difficult to make money. The problem is we get so much into our heads and fall into the trap of believing that it is. Which actually stops the flow of money. So it starts [...]


Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Once again the game has changed on Facebook. Here are some tips to help increase your engagement with these new changes. 1. Don’t include a link to the actual ad or post itself, if it’s off of [...]


What Every Trainer Needs To Do In January

January = peak time. These are the exact same processes I go through to double and more my business every year. Let me say this again, we are in peak time! This is a brilliant time to be creating [...]


Beating Xmas Slowdown

I used to believe in the Christmas slow down. I don’t anymore. Why? It was a bullshit story I used to tell myself as to WHY I wasn’t achieving my goals. Since educating my clients on [...]

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