This Is Holding You Back Right Now!

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Over the weekend I had 3 messages from ladies who have already achieved some cool things in 2018.

One lady hit $18k for January

Another is on track to profit over $60k for FY2018

And another doubled her clients and income since starting in August.

They did this by re-writing their money story.

Your thoughts right now, are creating your reality.

Everything you’re allowing to take shape in your mind, everything you ‘see’ inside of yourself or assume to be true (belief) dictates what you get to experience in life.

So if you’re EXPERIENCING lack, uncertainty, struggle, and you feel like you can’t seem to get to where you need to go, what you DON’T need is the right strategy or plan.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

– It’s hard to make money

– Business is hard

– Can’t make good money in this industry

– Have to work really hard and hustle to make money

– Get 2 new clients then 4 drop off

There are so many…..

What comes to mind for you?

So this week I want you to identify your limiting beliefs and conditioned thought patterns around money.

Write a list of ALL the beliefs that do not support you.

Right, done that?
No, you are going to create a new story.

So let’s say that wrote down It’s hard to make money your new supporting belief would be It’s easy to make money.

It’s easy to make money now becomes your new belief through repetition.

Totally believing that you can make money easily – because others are so why not you?

Go through all of the limiting beliefs and turn them around into powerful beliefs.

This changed my world when you take action it will change yours as well.

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