Beating Xmas Slowdown

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I used to believe in the Christmas slow down.

I don’t anymore.

Why? It was a bullshit story I used to tell myself as to WHY I wasn’t achieving my goals.

Since educating my clients on this, they to have record months in November AND December.

Just last week I had messages about $15k months, $20k months and there was even a $40k month.

Last year I had a client message me in January  ==> ‘For years I kept telling myself December and January are quiet, no one trains or starts on a membership – so guess what happened – exactly that. You taught me to reframe those beliefs and it worked, January was my best month ever’.

Power of your thoughts.

Power of your beliefs.

Power of your words.

That then determines your actions.

Here is what you need to do ==>

  1. What are your limiting beliefs about growing a business? About growing in December? About generating new leads? New clients?
  2. Turn those limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs that serve you, for example December is my best month ever, clients get started every week etc. Make a long list.
  3. Set your intentions for December. How much income? How many new clients?
  4. Let go of the HOW and take DAILY inspired action.
  5. Check your numbers and income daily because what you focus on expands and you can see where you are at and what you need to do to reach your income goals. I do this every day.

If you are putting your offers out and taking action to generate new clients based on fear and scarcity that energy will have an affect on your results.

Which is why you first have to do the inner work BEFORE taking action.

Inwards and upwards,

Kellie x

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