What Works For You?

What Works For You?

Hope you had a fabulous Easter and had lots of fun with friends and family.

During this crazy fitness business journey I have found it can be easy to loose focus on the big picture and we can loose faith that what we are on the right track.

So I developed a process called ‘What Works’

Success leaves clues and this was created by reflecting on a time in my life where EVERYTHING worked.

Then I wrote down what was I doing at that time.

What was my mindset.

How did I feel.

What did I do.

You can look at your list every morning before you start the day or have it in your journal as a reminder.

Here is a snippet of ‘What Works’ for me.

– Not doing things for the money
– Mindset journalling daily
– Exercising
– Focusing on fun things in every area of my life
– Dreaming big
– Trust the process because things happen for a reason
– Surround myself with like minded people who actually get it
– Spend time by myself
– Focus on BE DO HAVE
– Always have a mentor to keep me focused, on track and to get results quicker
– Travelling- Every 90 days have a mini break and every 6 months go to Bali
– Going to bed by 10pm every night and getting the required sleep
– Hanging out with friends every week
– Sharing value on social media daily
– Keep lists and write down all that is in my brain to keep my head clear
– Regular massages
– I love candles, fresh flowers and smelly things in my house
– Always use items that help me feel abundant
– Follow my 5 daily habits list
– Read a book and learn something new
– Laugh and have fun
– Believe that anything is possible
– Trust what feels right and follow that path
– When I start to have doubt/fear then stop what I am doing and go have fun or journal
– Keep changing and do new things, step outside that comfort zone
– Follow the universal laws
– Always be clear on what I DO want
– Have affirmations in the background when working on the computer
– Write my daily/weekly/monthly intentions

Action: Now it’s time to create your ‘What works’ and remember success leaves clues.