A few weeks ago a client in Hello More said…

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A few weeks ago a client in Hello More said…

“There never seems to be enough money, the more I make the more that goes out.”

The energy of receiving money and the energy of keeping money are different.

They are their own unique frequencies.

Having money is feeling the feelings of money in the bank.

Having more than enough money in the bank.

More money than you could ever know what to do with.

Feeling that and being comfortable with that.

When you think about the amount you’d like to have in your accounts, what comes up?

What limiting beliefs come up?

What ideas come up?

What feelings come up?

What comes up that tells you that you can’t have what you desire?

That’s where there is work to do.

There are three ways people usual sabotage having money, what we know as saving.

1. If you don’t actually want the money.

2. If you fear something bad will happen from having the money

3. If you don’t feel worthy of the money…

Then you won’t allow yourself to keep it.

Taxes, bills, or unexpected expenses will wipe it out (or taking down to a certain point — this point is your energetic minimum) every time you “save” money.

I found pleasure in the thought of having a huge bank account.

And then it shifted.

So here is your homework:

1. How much money do you actually want in the bank?

2. How would it feel to have that amount of money in the bank?

3. What tells you this isn’t possible for you?

Those ideas are the limiting thoughts you get to shift and reframe now.

Feel the feelings of having the bank account you desire.


Feel the feelings of having it and keeping it.

And loving it.

And being safe with it.

This allows money to be safe with you.

Feel safe with money and money will feel safe with you.

It won’t have to deplete itself.

The feast or famine cycle will break when you feel safe consistently receiving money and feel safe consistently having money.

It’s all just energy.

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