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A tool that is super powerful in helping you’re soon to be clients feel at ease is to create a welcome video delivered via email BEFORE they come in for their trial session or membership.

Generally, there is some time between communicating with them and them coming into your business.

So this helps put their mind at ease.

Gives them certainty so that they know what to expect.

It doesn’t need to be anything professional, you can simply do it on your phone.

Here are the simple steps to put one together:

1. Let them know how excited you are to be seeing them and record this from out the front of where you are located.

2. Show them the carpark so they know where to park.

3. Walk into your studio/park/premises.

4. If you can have clients and staff (if you have them) strategically placed so they can get a feel for the people. Interact with them, say hi and make sure they are smiling.

5. Show them around your location and where they will be training.

6. Let them know that you are SUPER excited to be seeing them and helping them get to where they want to be.

7. If they have any questions to please let you know.

8. Add anything else that you feel aligns with you and your business.

Then, pop that video in an email for them to receive before they come in.

Adds a little wow factor to your business that shows just how much you care.

Kellie x

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