And for the Queensland mum’s it’s back to school today…horahh!

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And for the Queensland mum’s it’s back to school today…horahh!

In 2017 I invested over $40k in mentors ​​who are THE best at mindset.

One of my mentors has one million per month flowing into her business so you could say she understands mindset.

One of my other mentors had over $100k per month and he works 10 hours a week.

Amazing people to learn off. ​​​​​​
In that time I’ve learned that it’s NOT money which makes you happy, or free.

However, having money DOES allow you to express your current happiness and freedom a LOT more!

Perhaps the biggest shift I see is when people finally get the fact that you CANNOT TALK like a broke person…

THINK like a broke person…

You cannot F E E L like a broke person…

If you want to BE RICH.


​​If your cash flow is broken, and you want to fix it, start with your words and NEVER again tell yourself that you can’t afford something, or that it’s too expensive.

Those words repel money.

Instead say – “I wonder how I CAN find the money.”

Or “I always have the money I need for the things I really want.”

These little phrases go a long way toward triggering the flow of cash to you.

Little “rivers of revenue” trickle in…

​​Then they can grow to become an “avalanche of abundance”.

Think big, think bigger…

Then take the inspired action that ALWAYS follows clear thinking.

So this week be conscious of your thoughts.​, these tiny shifts in your mindset will make a massive difference when you learn to rewire your brain from the limiting thoughts that have been holding you back.

Kellie x

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