At the end of last year I flew to LA to hang out with some powerful mentors.

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At the end of last year I flew to LA to hang out with some powerful mentors.

And I went for a number of reasons.

1. Hang out with people at a higher level than me, these people are making millions and millions every year

2. New environment so I could expand my awareness, not everyday you get to hang out in Houdini’s mansion in Hollywood Hills.

3. Open up to new ways of thinking – not doing.

And I mean not doing.

Yes you have to understand social media, messaging, referrals, websites, content creation to grow a profitable fitness business etc.

​​​​When you get to a certain level it’s not about the strategies.

It’s all about the inner work you do.

And no matter where you are on this journey FEAR pops up at different times and it’s this FEAR that can hold you back from all the abundance life has to offer.

If you don’t overcome these fears then you won’t be able to move forward.

Rational fear keeps you alive, irrational fears keep you from living.

When you succumb to irrational fear you limit your ability to take action. ​​​​

So here is an exercise I learnt to help you overcome​​​​ your irrational fears and turn them into positive energy and self expanding experiences.

When to do it:

When you find yourself struggling with irrational fear
When you have an opportunity that scares the shit out of you​​​​​​​
How often?
As many times as you need.

How to do it:
1. Draw 3 columns on a space piece of paper or your journal

2. In column 1, write down what scares you.

3. In column 2, write down the underlying irrational fear behind the item in column 1

4. In column 3, write down a safe way that you can overcome this irrational fear.

For example –

You might say large group situations scare me, beside that under irrational fear you may write rejection because that is what comes up for you.

Then in column 3 to help overcome the fear you might have go to karaoke night or practice doing a webinar or live video to help you move forward.

Fear NEVER goes away it’s how you deal with it that will determine the results you get in your fitness business.

When your goals are bigger than your fears then nothing can stop you. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Kellie x

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