Did you know that people doubt themselves more than they doubt you?

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Did you know that people doubt themselves more than they doubt you?

People are going to make their decisions based on whatever is happening in their lives.

If their problem matches your promised solution and they trust you, you will gain a new client.

If your solution or the problem you’re talking about doesn’t match their situation: no sale.

We have talked about how you do that.

You get crystal clear on the problem you want to solve.

You create a hell yes solution.

And you get your message out there through the value of regular consistent posts and offers.

As much as social media change.

This concept will never change in marketing.

Enter a brand new quarter.

And as you reflect on the last quarter how have you shown up? And I mean really show up?

I want you to be honest with yourself.

On a scale of 1 – 10. 1 = nope hardly at all, 10 = absofreakinlutely I’ve played to my fullest.

Remember playing to my fullest doesn’t mean a ton of extra hours, it’s being laser focused on what needs to be done.

How many products or services did you market, sell, and/or deliver this quarter?

How many times did you put your offer out there?

Have you really connected with your ideal client?

Been consistent with your messaging?

How many emails did you send out?

How many lives did you do?

How many posts did you get out there?

How many people were added to your database?

Done the inner work with your mindset?

What/how many systems did you add?

How many new clients did you attract?

How many enquiries did you receive?

How many referrals did you attract?

What was your income?

What was the total of your expenses?

What’s left over?

Your numbers will reflect this ^^

Now I am not saying you have to go non stop 24/7 – you have to be strategic.

So what did you do this Q? How much effort did you really put in?

I’m sure that this will provide an insight as to what’s REALLY happening in your business.

It will provide a massive insight into what your focus should be in Q2.


Kellie x

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