Good Morning,

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Good Morning,

We are one step closer to PEAK season.

Now is the time to get it together and make a big impact on September, October and November. ​​​​
When you get this then you open yourself up to having whatever you want.

You FIRST have to do the inner work for it to show up externally.

Actions/strategies WON’T solve anything if you aren’t aligned.

If you want to improve your money situation, you’ve got to get real with your money story.

No lead generating strategy will help if you are having thoughts that don’t align with what you do want.

By that I meant:

– Know exactly what you want

– How do you want to feel by having achieved that goal?

– Feel that feeling NOW

– Know that the goal is ALREADY achieved and act as if it’s already achieved regardless of how long it takes.

– What fears/doubts/blocks come up?- Write a new story.

Yes I share different strategies with you, they are all different tools that work, what you have to do is determine what FEELS right for you to action that is in ALIGNMENT with you.

Many of us will look at the new, shiny object, or we’ll look at the latest tool and we’ll think, “That’s why I don’t have the money that I want.” I used to think the same thing too.

Wealth is not a number. Wealth is a feeling.

It’s just a feeling.

You don’t want the thing, you don’t want the money, you don’t want the car, you don’t want the perfect person to treat you the perfect way.

What you want is the way those things will make you feel.

And since it’s the feeling that you’re going for anyway, why not go for the feeling first?

Trust me as I keep moving to the next level that it first starts with the internal work.

You have to get that right FIRST and the rest will flow.

Kellie x

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