Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year!!

We are in peak time.

Hopefully, by now you have gone through the last few weeks exercises to prepare you.

These are the exact same processes I go through to double and more my business every year.

Let me say this again, we are in peak time!

This is a brilliant time to be creating real growth and building that momentum for a massive 2018.

Here is what you need to make happen for January.

👉 Set your intentions for what you want to happen in January, get really clear on what you want. If you don’t know what you want then you won’t get what you want.

👉 Track your money daily – what you focus on expands.

👉 Watch and listen to what your tribe is saying NOW. Use their words in your marketing, change the words up as different people respond to different things BUT there is a theme of what they really want. What is that theme for your crew?

👉 Get emotional – people take action based on emotions so WHY do they want to lose weight, get fit, tone up, start an exercise program. When you connect on this deep level that’s when people buy and that’s when it becomes a hell yes.

👉 Be visible daily. You have to let people know you exist. You have to tell them how you can help them with your offers. What is your January offer? Use live video, picture posts, personal posts, deep posts, client posts – vary it up but BE visible. Tell them.

👉 Do the inner work – Your beliefs directly impact your actions. Actions impact your results. So if you were to only change the action and don’t have the beliefs that support it then where you are won’t change. What do you need to believe to ensure you hit your income goal this month? Let’s choose beliefs that serve you.

Exactly the same process I use to generate over $40k each month.

But this process only works if you do.​​

Now it’s your turn.

Kellie x

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