How to step into your next level.

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How to step into your next level.

The reason a lot of people don’t get the money they want is because they aren’t even sure of themselves or whether or not it’s even possible.

Let’s say you want to have $20k by the end of the month and you’re currently in survival mode.

​Bills are piling, you’re sick and tired of having to scrape the bottom of your accounts just to pay them off, emails that your card was declined, yep I’ve been there.

​If you’ve EVER said the words “if I can just pay off these bills then I can focus on my next level” <—— you just killed your chances of manifestation.

​By default, by stating that you can only get to your next level once you LEAVE survival mode, has kept you looped into survival mode indefinitely.

​You’re doing it backwards.

​Your ENERGY needs to get out of survival mode FIRST.

​That means to CHOOSE a new life.

​What would you do if $20k was achieved at the end of this month?

– buy a car? How does that FEEL?
– pay off your debt? How does that FEEL?
– put a down payment on a new living space? How does that FEEL?
– say yes to something that your children want? How does that FEEL?

​But here’s the deal.

​​I’m not saying that just because you would buy a new car in your next level you need to go buy a car now.

​But I AM saying that you need to FEEL like you CAN do those things NOW.

​That means you are literally LIVING THE LIFE of the person who KNOWS they have received $20k, and this person FEELS amazing.


​This person is also READY to deal with the beautiful chaos that comes with their next level.

​​More clients, more activities, changes in lifestyle.

​Start talking about the excited feelings you have that you’re about to buy a new car because you had a $20k month, and stop talking about survival mode.

​Catch EVERY negative thought that tries to disrupt your process, decipher the shame it makes you feel, and then CHOOSE to drop that illusion and believe in the opposite TRUTH instead.

​Do this every second of everyday. And then let me know which goal you ticked off.

Kellie x

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