It’s not at all difficult to make money.

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It’s not at all difficult to make money.

The problem is we get so much into our heads and fall into the trap of believing that it is.

Which actually stops the flow of money.

So it starts with this –

If you want to make more money this week (and any time), you must first believe that it’s possible, and that it’s easy.

And then, this –


Here are 10 ways you can make more money TODAY!

1. Host a 1-3 day flash sale on a past offer

2. Couple together a bunch of your offers and sell them as a package deal

3. Raise your prices and tell people who have enquired to get the current rate (not the price you just raised it to), they need to take action NOW.

4. Launch a new program/offering/challenge and incentivise people to sign up straight away with discounts and/or bonuses.

5. Follow up with at least 5 people per day.

6. Send out a value packed email to your database and have an offer down the bottom for those people wanting to get started.
7. Go LIVE on Facebook and sell your current offering (while giving value at the same time)

8. Create a FB ad for your latest offering (making sure only to target fans of your FB page, so you’re not cold-selling – unless you’re selling something priced under $30, then cold-selling could work)

9. Reward past clients with 50% off your current offer and let them know about it

10. Host a 3-5 day challenge where you deliver massive free value, and at the end upsell into your program.

This stuff works.

Below is what one of my ladies posted last week.

You also can have this freedom.

You also can purchase what you want when you want.

You just have to want it bad enough to take action.

I have given you some ideas on how, now it’s up to you.

Have a fabulous week,

Kellie x

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