Manifestation is pretty damn cool.

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Manifestation is pretty damn cool.

The other day my daughter wanted to go to the big (busiest on the coast) shopping centre near Christmas at lunchtime.

When I go to that shopping centre I ALWAYS am there early because I like a certain carpark.

It’s on ground level right out the right of Myer’s.

As we drove around the outside of the carpark I said to her ‘There is my car spot and it’s free’ but as we drove around into the park there was a car driving into the space.

As I sat there behind them Emily said ‘You missed out someone has got it’

My response, ‘No it’s my park they will leave’.

And then guess what happened – they reversed out and drove off.

Emily was completely shocked, ‘How do you do that? These things happen all the time for you’.

Things like this happen to me daily.

So here is how I manifest EVERYTHING in life.

It’s likely that you already know that the secret to manifesting is becoming an energetic match for your desires.

This means that we feel with our bodies, minds, and emotions what it would be like to already have what we want.

We feel it. We believe it. We know it.

When I am actively holding the vibe for the thing I want, I practice feeling excited in my body.

In my mind, I say to myself, “Omg! I did it. I did it. I did it. I received _____ and it was so easy.”

In my emotions, I become happy and excited that what I desired came to me…

And I do all of this before anything has happened.

I do this before anything has shown up. I do this before there is any logical reason to believe I can have the thing I desire.

When you can learn to create the feeling of what you desire in your being, manifesting becomes simple.

I practice holding the feeling of receiving what I want multiple times a day until it’s mine.

I’ve seen the process work a million times…

Now it’s your turn.

And this is where people often get discouraged.

You work the process. You follow the steps. You assume the energy. You stay a match. You work on the limiting beliefs. You do everything you thought you were supposed to do… And nothing happens.

And can’t figure out what went wrong.

You didn’t do anything wrong

While there are various things that can complicate our manifestation game. Things like you don’t truly want it, you don’t believe you can handle it when you get it, you don’t feel worthy of it…all those blocks.

This is what is often the missing link: You give up. You quit. You start telling yourself the story that “It just didn’t work…”

It just hasn’t worked yet. It hasn’t worked yet because you aren’t done working it.

You quit five minutes before your miracle.

When it doesn’t look like it’s coming BUT you believe anyway, your faith has been activated and incredible shit can now happen.

That’s when manifestation truly starts.

When you can sit in a confident still knowing.

It’s not that you must force or manipulate or control.

You just have to know.

You have to change all the ideas in your brain that tell you that you can’t have it and relax.

And leave God/Universe/angels room to do their thing.

Stay open to inspired guidance/doing your part.

Stay open to the desired outcome occurring in a form that you could never have imagined.

Release. Trust. Relax. Know.

And let me be clear on this…

Surrender and trust the process.

Happy manifesting,

Kellie x​​​

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