Many years ago I made a decision.

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Many years ago I made a decision.

A decision to earn and receive lots of money.

And I am going to teach as many women in fitness as possible how to do the same.

People always ask how did you have such a quick turn around with increasing income so fast? What did you do?

More than any tactic, strategy, or amount of “hard work”, I know my success and the success of my clients is the direct result of unlearning limiting beliefs around money and reprogramming our minds for abundance.

I’ve seen so many times that by just changing your mentality around money from one of stress, lack, and fear, to one of ease and flow is the first step of moving into the experience of having money.

So today I want to share 3 powerful questions that will help you to start shifting your experience with money right now.

1: How is your financial past impacting your present reality?

“You have to work hard for the money”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“Rich people are greedy and selfish”

On top of this people often carry around a tremendous amount of guilt and shame about past decisions or actions around money.

Is it any wonder that so many ladies sabotage and under-earn when thoughts like these are playing on repeat in the background of our minds?

The first step to uncovering your limiting beliefs around money is to think back to the messages you received about money as a child (both directly and indirectly):

What did your family model when it came to money?

How did you feel about money as a child, teenager, and young adult?

Where you taught that people with money were selfish, greedy, sinful?

Did you come to believe that desiring money made you bad?

Do you have any wounds relating to money from your early years?

What did you learn was “true” about money/people with money?

Spend some time writing your answers in a journal or talking about them with a friend or mentor.

2: What would you love to be true about money?

Once you determine the limiting beliefs around money you picked up early in life, it’s time to ask yourself: Is this really true?

Does it serve me to have this belief?

If not, you get to actually decide to let it go and replace it with a new and more empowering belief.

3: How would future you who has already reached your income goal act/think/feel around money?

My secret to doing in a few months what takes most people years?

I don’t act/think/feel as present me – I embody the version of myself that has already achieved the goal.

I act as the version of myself who thinks the investment I desire to make is a bargain.

I act as the version of myself that already has the money, mentors etc. to reach that next level.

Most importantly – I feel how she feels… right now.

I bring the feelings of having achieved whatever I desire… into my experience, continually.

I bring the future into the present at a faster rate than it could have occurred otherwise. I speed up time — and you can too.

The next time you are faced with a decision ask yourself: How would future me respond? And then act accordingly.

It’s important to remember: Money is never about money.

Money is about opportunity, freedom, and living more fully.

We’re all far more capable of transforming our financial situation that we were ever led to believe and it starts with rewiring our mentalities around money.

Forming new positive thoughts around money is the first step to changing your emotions, core beliefs, exceptions and experience of having money.

It is my heartfelt intention to increase the number of wealthy, empowered women in fitness there are in this world.

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