Our action for this week is simple!

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Good Morning,

Our action for this week is simple!

I am ALWAYS throwing out SO much stuff that I don’t need and haven’t used it ages.

Feels so good to throw it all away and open the space for the new to flow.

Which got me thinking.

This week, I want you to do the following given that we are nearly half way through the year.

1. Reflect where you currently are in your fitness business. What’s working? What’s not?

2. Gain clarity around the following 3 areas: Your message (the one thing you want the world to know), your mission (what your #1 goal is with your business) and your why (the main reason you do what you do).

Even if you think you know what these 3 things are, ask yourself again and BE SURE.

3. Start a journaling practice, if you don’t already have one.

Ensure that you start your journaling session by simply clearing your head and writing whatever words come out, even if it doesn’t make sense. Then, write out your dream life as if it’s already manifested.

Then ask yourself a question that you need help with, such as “what do I really need to say today?” or “what do I need to take action on next to move forward?’

4. Clear out the clutter.

Clear out the Facebook Groups you no longer use.

Clear out one area in your home that is cluttered and makes you crazy, could be something small like a drawer or big like an entire room.

Whatever you choose, ensure you can complete it by the end of this week.

We’re starting this mastermind by getting into the habit of setting intentions by journalling, gaining the clarity you need to move forward, and getting rid of things/people/stuff that no longer serves you.

Pretty important week, hey!

Here’s to a fresh week.

Kellie x

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