The cold weather

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The cold weather is definitely upon us which for some fitness businesses means a drop in leads and enquiries.

As always you first need to do the mindset work.

Regardless of the time of year, what I am about to share is something you can do all year round to ensure consistent flow of leads.

AND you should be doing all year round if you are serious about growing your business.

If you stop start your marketing, guess what happens to your business?

1. Begin with the end in mind. Have you set your goals for June? Do you know how many new clients you want? How much income you want for June?

You have to be doing this EVERY month.

2. It’s about your message and how you solve your ideal clients pain. You have to be 100% clear on your messaging.

You have to communicate this to your tribe otherwise how do they know?

3. The mindset of growing a successful business is showing up every single day. Delivering valuable free content, showcasing how you solve their challenge that they so desperately want help with, they are crying out for the solution so you need to show them!!!

You have to show up DAILY!

4. Call to actions every single day. People don’t go searching you out, you have to tell them what to do. It could be your monthly offer, go onto your list or blog.

You have to tell them what to do DAILY!

5. Build relationships and give value. The more value you put out, the more it comes back to you from a monetary perspective.

You have to be that expert that they like and trust.

Reaching $10k/$20k/$40k per month is about doing these simple strategies consistently.

It’s time to take control of this up and down cycle, decide it is not going to be like that anymore and just decide to have leads on tap.

Because you absolutely can.

Kellie x

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