This happened 👇

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There have there been some massive changes in the last few days.

This happened 👇

5 years ago I heard that Facebook would be a pay to pay platform so it doesn’t come as a shock to me.

Even today I noticed in my feed WAY more friends post than ever before.

I still see some of my client’s posts for their business but it’s only because I interact with their posts.

So what can you do?

Firstly and most importantly don’t get caught up in the scarcity mindset!!!!

You have been following me for a while now and understand that it’s not what you DO it’s what you BE.

So continue with having a strong mindset, that’s your priority.

When you set your intentions and take aligned action then, of course, you will still hit your goals.

But here are are some actions you can take –

– Mention in your posts that if people want to continue to see you they can hit see first so they don’t miss anything.

– Not sure what the impact on groups will be, but looking at my stats it’s on fire so not sure if it’s just mine going gangbusters or if it doesn’t apply to groups yet. Moral of the story is have a play with groups it’s another tool in your toolbox.

– More live videos!! This is still working well so make it a priority to schedule in at least one per week moving forward.

– People want to see how you help them get results so make sure your posts are about how you bring people together, make them feel connected and how amazing they now feel after working with you.

– More posts about what your ideal clients experience and are thinking, it will help you to connect on that really deep level.

– Get really good at storytelling, the more you can open up and share authentic, passionate posts that spark engagement and build community the better.

– They want to learn more about YOU so share what’s going on in your world – the good the bad and the ugly.

Of course, there will be developments on this over the next few weeks so I will be updating you.

PS. Remember results starts within, it’s your beliefs and your thoughts so choose that you get high engagement, take the action as above and you will find FB will continue to work for you.

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