Besides giving value

Besides giving value

Besides giving value, letting people know what you have to offer is THE most important action you need to be doing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But so many people get confused with the HOW?

So this week I wanted to share a list of the actions you can do TODAY to get your offers out there for people to take action.

* Update an old sales page and make it more compelling
* Create a new offer for your tribe
* Brainstorm a list of 10+ new offers you could create
* Straight up sales email
* Straight up sales post on social media
* Follow up with potential client who has enquired in the past
* ​List all of your offers on your website
* Create a Facebook ad for your current monthly offer
* Set up a new sales funnel
* Or tweak your current sales funnel and make it more compelling
* Host a flash sale for the next 48 hours
* Create a new sales page for a new offer
* Set your money intention for the day
* Track your income and expenses
* Do some journaling on your money beliefs
* Ask the universe for MORE financial abundance (after expressing gratitude for what you already have)
* Do a livestream and talk about your new offer
* Tease an upcoming offer
* Collaborate with another person on a new offer so you can promote to BOTH of your audiences

Now it’s time to take action.

What are the 3 things you are going to do today?

Remember is it these small actions you take every day that result in massive results.

Last week one of my clients shared that she TRIPLED her business in 8 weeks ​from taking daily consistent action.

Trust me, what I share works – you just have to do the work.​​

Kellie x