Do you still want to hit your goals?

Do you still want to hit your goals?

Do you still want to hit your goals?

Think about each goal individually and ask yourself “do I still want this to happen?” and “is this really important to me?”.

If you answered YES to both questions, then it’s time to make it happen.

When you are clear on what you want then doing the work each day to make it a reality that’s necessary.

You can journal and do the mindset all you want.

But it won’t actually become a reality until you put in the work to make it happen.

I have a process I’ve been using it for many years and it’s allowed me to achieve all my goals.

Goals such as:

Hitting a certain income per month
Launch a new program
Go on a holiday
Hire a new team member
Buy my dream car
Move into a beautiful home

It’s a process that’s SO simple, but SO effective, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

Get Stuff Done Process

Step #1: Daily brain dump.

Each day while journaling, give yourself some time to do a complete brain dump, usually 1-2 pages at least. Get everything out of your head and onto paper. It doesn’t have to make sense, just get it out.

Clear out some space in your brain.

Step #2: Set monthly intentions.

What do you want to achieve during the entire month? Write out at least 1 goal for your business, 1 goal for your money, 1 goal for your relationships, 1 goal for your health & fitness, and 1 goal for your lifestyle.

Write them out as goals first and then as intentions.

Example: $20K month in sales is the goal. “I received over $20K in sales in August 2017” is the intention.

Step #3: Set weekly intentions.

Just like you did for your monthly intentions, write out your goals for the WEEK now, and then determine what needs to be done in order to make progress on achieving each goal.

This is your weekly to-do list you will add in other things, of course, but we’re starting with tasks that will help you to achieve your monthly goals.

Put these tasks into your calendar for the week. I use Google Calendar and also a written to-do list for each day.

Step #4: Make a daily to-do list.

I always have a daily to-do list written on paper because I am one of those people who LOVE crossing things off of a to-do list.

I refer to this list all day long and keep highlighting actions when completed.

Step #5: Make note of my top 1-2 must dos for the day.

There are 5 tasks I do EVERY SINGLE day, no matter what.

I also have other tasks, most are “would love to get done” tasks that often DON’T get done.

So each day, I mark off my top 1-2 must-do tasks that are added to my daily 5.

Step #6: Make a daily sales activities list.

Most fitness businesses wonder why they lack leads and new clients starting.

Most of the time they are not letting people know HOW they can get started with their offers.

Create a sales activities list of the different actions you can take EVERYDAY in your business to give value and then show them how you can help them go from A to B.
Step #7: Spend time on YOU

Everyday I start with either journalling.

Three times a week I start the day with exercise or yoga.

Doing this allows me to fill up my own cup, before I fill up someone else’s, which makes me a much happier person.

Plus it’s the perfect way to set my day up for success.

Step #8: Move down the daily task list.

Once I’ve completed the main actions, I move along my other tasks.

Each morning I set the intention that my to-dos are done.

They are happening no matter what. No excuses.

You must set the intention and make the decision that you will do what’s necessary to make it happen.

But first, and most importantly, you have to actually want to achieve the goal. Meaning, there needs to be a reason WHY it’s a goal in the first place.

With each goal that you have set for yourself, ask yourself why. WHY do you want to start that new program? WHY do you want to go on that trip? WHY do you want to make $20,000 per month? WHY do you want to buy that car?

If your why is strong enough, you’ll be much more likely to go through with your plan/intention of doing what’s necessary to make the goal happen.

Make the effort, but also, make it FUN! If it’s not fun, you’ll resist doing it and then, of course, it won’t happen or at least, not the way you want it to. Achieving a goal should be fun and exciting.

Don’t you notice that the more fun you have, the easier things tend to be for you?

Start incorporating more FUN into your life every single day and watch how easily and quickly you start to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

Trust yourself, trust the universe, just TRUST in general that what you want is DONE.

No more trying to control every aspect of your life. Allow it to be. Allow yourself to receive it.

And then?

Start the process all over again for your next goal!