Facebooks Algorithm has changed in a HUGE way

Facebooks Algorithm has changed in a HUGE way

Facebooks Algorithm has changed in a HUGE way.

There is FAR less news and FAR less business pages appearing in feeds.

It has FAR more personal posts HOWEVER, FAR less engagement as Facebook has changed the way it shows these posts based on what it believes you’ll be interested in.

Facebook is using contextual information about YOU to deliver the organic content.

What does this mean?

​​You must be ALL IN on getting your people INTERESTED in your fitness business.

It means you need to dedicate your time to your TRIBE or you’ll slowly lose all engagement.

Here is what is working at the moment:

1. Speaking to the heart of your ideal client, using their language, using their words.

2. Posting multiple times per day. About 1% of your posts will be seen so by posting more you reach more people.

3. Facebook loves live video, so do more videos! Do them daily to increase your reach.​​​​​​

4. Yes boost some of your high performing posts to increase your brand awareness, it’s so affordable compared to other forms of marketing.

5. Are you putting out offers so that you can turn likes into leads? People won’t go and search you out, tell them what you want them to do.

6. People have to see you multiple times PLUS they will follow you for a few weeks or months

7. Give value and show them how you help solve their pain.

8. Showcase the results you are helping others achieve.
9. Be so different that you can’t be compared and by being different you capture people’s attention.

These strategies are working VERY well for me and engagement has not been affected.

So time to focus on what IS working and take action. ​​​​

Kellie x