Have Clients Stopping?

Happy Monday

Happy Monday,

It can be extremely frustrating when you want to help people, they start then stop after a few weeks of training.

Most of the time it’s nothing to do with the actual training but there was an easy out for them. 

Here’s a few things to remember….

1. People will leave when they don’t feel part of a community.
2. Sell a transformation, not time.
3. There should be an upsell system in place if you are promoting offers.
4. The getting started conversation must be setup correctly to help lead the client through the process of a transformation, not just a short term program.
5. Everyone should be on a membership via debits that you set up. ​
6. Look at a minimum term of 12 weeks, 6 or 12 months. ​

This is what is going through your clients head.

They’ve just seen an ad for a six week transformation.

Wonderful news, they register. ​​

They go through six weeks, but then exit the program.

​​They then enter into a new cycle of training, no training at all or start with another fitness business.

Most likely they didn’t get the transformation they ​wanted during that six weeks.

It’s your role to break this cycle for your clients.

Certainly run your offers but make sure you have a follow up sequence to ensure those clients continue.

Ensure the conversation you’re having a week out from them finishing is structured in a way that gets the person excited about the journey forward.

People need to know that the initial 6 weeks is part of a bigger picture.

​Having a transformation for 6 weeks is like explaining that a 7 day detox will end up changing your life.

​​It just doesn’t happen.

Just these simple actions will have a HUGE impact on your consistency of cash flow.

Kellie x