LIVE VIDEO has been a game changer

LIVE VIDEO has been a game changer

If you’re someone who has been looking for a way to generate leads and an audience for free, I can guarantee that hands down, LIVE VIDEO has been a game changer.

With live video often times, leads can become quick buyers due to the fact that they get to know you right away. You are breaking the ice before you sell anything!

With that said here are 8 ways to structure your Live.

1. List out 10-15 broadcast topic ideas that your ideal client will really resonate with, remember you can recycle content.

2. First welcome live viewers and also if they are watching the replay. Doesn’t need to be long at all.

3. Tell them what you are going to be talking about and if they like the topic to send you likes and hearts. Also share about how this topic is personal to you and relates to your tribe.

4. Give super valuable content, keep it interesting and always give as much value as you can.

5. You can check in with them to see how they are going and if they have any questions.

6. After you have given value ensure you have a clear call to action, can be for the month of July you can get 7 days of unlimited classes for only $7, pop yes please under this video and I will send you all the details.

7. Thank them for joining and let them know what you will be chatting about next Live to build anticipation.

8. Remind them to follow you to get updates when you go Live.

Don’t wait until its perfect to start, just start!

Aim to do at least 1 per week then increase it to 1 per day.

It will increase your reach.

It will increase your visibility.

It will increase your leads.

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