Looking for more clients?

Looking for more clients?

Looking for more clients?

One of my fav ways to attract soulmate clients into my life is to journal about who they are and how I want them to appear.

A client of mine did this last week and had 3 enquiries within 24 hours.

There are many different physical actions you can take to attract clients, but this one is by far the most effective.

Also, it’s easy and FUN!

This week, spend some time getting super clear on who your soulmate client is.

Even if you just did this not too long ago, do it again, just to make sure that your ideal client hasn’t changed.

It’s unlikely that you will have the same ideal client forever.

It’s important to regularly re-connect with who that person is.

Once you’ve got it nailed down and you know FOR SURE who you would love to work with – your soulmate client – it’s time to get to work attracting them into your life.

To do that, there are numerous client attraction affirmations that you can use and that work EXCEPTIONALLY well.

Feel free to use any of these in your daily journaling, or tweak them so that they fit your desires:

My clients are super fun and high-vibe
My clients love me for me and I for them
My clients are very loyal and continue working with me for years
My clients are incredible at what they do
My clients show up every day and do the work necessary
I look forward to training my clients every week
My clients light me up and make me feel good
My clients inspire me as much as I inspire them
My clients debits go through every time
My clients come to ME and ask to train with me
My clients say YES to working with me with zero reservations
My clients are quick action-takers
My clients send me regular testimonials
My clients reccomend me to everyone they know
My clients get incredible results while working with me
My clients respect my time.
My clients are independent.
I love my clients and am so grateful to be able to support them!
After you’ve written out these new affirmations around your soulmate clients, it’s time to CALL THEM IN:
I attracted 5 clients that I love this month
I’ve had numerous inquiries about my _____ program this week!
I always attract high-level clients
It’s normal for me to attract incredible clients.
Starting 5 new soulmate clients this month is DONE!
I am open to attracting 5, new soulmate clients this month!
I am ready to receive new, soulmate clients every month!
I am ready to support 5 new, soulmate clients this month!
I am now working with _________ (specific person) as a client and am so happy!

Finally, share a post on social media, and send an email to your list, around your soulmate clients, letting your community know who it is that you are able and willing to support.

The way you want to write this, is as an informative “this is who I can help” or “attention all ________” – specific type of people you work with in one.

Let people know that you’re calling them in and they WILL flow to you!

EVERYTHING in your life starts from within.

Kellie x