Making 6 figures is a choice

Making 6 figures is a choice

Making 6 figures is a choice.

Being broke and stressed out about money is also a choice.

So many people never actually sit down and CHOOSE to make 6 figures.

Or, they DO decide that they are going to make a 6 figures but they forget that it is a DAILY choice that you need to make.

You need to choose it over and over and over again,

Every month, every week, every day, every minute.

You need to live and breath this choice and then act accordingly.

If you think choosing it once, writing it in your pretty journal or sticking it on your vision board and staring at it once a day is going to cut it.

You’re kidding yourself.

So the question is now, what do you choose to choose, in every breath?

If you truly want to live an incredible life; one where you get paid to be who you are, have fun, help people, and change the world?

Well, then you’d better be willing to do what’s necessary for that to happen.


Want to increase your following on social media? Better up your visibility game and start showing up repeatedly, every day.

Want to work only soulmate clients? Better start calling them in, speaking and writing for them only, and regularly selling to them.

Want to make more money? Better start creating and selling all day, every day, whether you “feel like” it or not.

It’s all about forming HABITS to ensure that what gets done is the stuff that MUST get done. The stuff that MATTERS.

Here is a task for you to complete this week:

1. Determine your top 10 MUST-DOs for every day.

2. Then, get clear on WHY they’re must-dos (why they matter).

3. Then, MAP IT OUT. How are you going to make these things happen each day? When can you fit them into
your day? Add them into your calendar on repeat, if necessary.

4. Then, create a checklist of your top 10 must-dos that you will check off throughout the day.

5. At the end of each day, make sure your checklist is complete.

Kellie x