One thing I have learnt is that you just start.

One thing I have learnt is that you just start

By now you understand how exciting it is to be able to make money in your sleep by creating online products and programs.

One thing I have learnt is that you just start.

We all start somewhere however the biggest mistake you can make is waiting until everything is perfect before you start selling or promoting your services or programs.

What I share applies to not only online but face to face services.

I have built my business to over $500k per year and moving fast to hit the $1 million mark.

The first lot of programs I sold delivered great value however they weren’t perfect.

What I did do was as I learnt more I tweaked to make the programs even more valuable.

Procrastinating on moving online, selling and putting your offers/programs out there will not get you the money and the freedom you want.

Taking imperfect action will.

Over the last few weeks you have been putting together your offer.

So today is all about selling.

The key to selling more is tapping into people’s wants rather than their needs.

You won’t get very far by telling people what they need.

Need is logical and want is emotional.

Emotions win every time.

Change your language and speak to your ideal clients emotions.

Then you choose do you want to sell your program on evergreen (meaning all the time) or launch style (meaning certain times of the year with start and end date).

Which ever way you choose you need to tell people what you have to offer.

Let’s use Facebook as an example.

Use the language your ideal clients speaks and showcase the transformation you help them achieve.

Show them how you get them from A to B.

Display your other success stories of how you have helped others go from A to B.

Run some Live videos taking them through how you help.

Hit their pain and talk about what they do want from an emotional perspective.

Interview clients and showcase their success.

And at least every 24-48 hours having your call to action in the above posts, which is your offer explaining to people how they take the next step.

Run text only posts then vary it up with pictures.


One of my clients told me how she made these simple tweaks and had 23 people enquiries for her online program.

It’s not complicated. It’s actually very simple.

But first you need to allow it to be easy in your mindset work.

Then just start taking action, you will learn a hell of a lot in the process and these are all steps that you need to take to reach that goal you are wanting.

There are no rules in business so it’s time to stop hiding and know that you also can impact millions and make millions if you choose.

PS. This process applies either to online or face to face promotions.