So you want to know the truth

So you want to know the truth

So you want to know the truth.

Money Blocks are NEVER about the money.

The blocks are about what’s underneath.

Are how they serving you?

How are they keeping you safe?

When you can get to the root cause and release it, that’s when the money block gets released.

It’s also when your money mindset changes.

Want to go deeper about your money blocks? Try this:

Close your eyes and image in yourself receiving 10k, 20k, 30K, 40k, 50k+ a month consistently, what ever your monthly goal is? Spend time really feeling it. Go beyond this would be great, and really get in touch with the harder feelings. Find the discomfort.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? First thought, first feeling. It doesn’t have to be logical. What happens then? What happens? What are you truly afraid of.

Once you know what comes up then you can turn that belief around into a new powerful one that supports you.
When a block comes back, it’s because it was still serving you in some way.

Kellie x