Stepping into the higher version of yourself

Stepping into the higher version of yourself

This week is all about stepping into the higher version of yourself.

The reason why you focus on who you need to be instead of how you need to ACT, is because the type of person you are will dictate your actions.

If you leave it up to your actions to present themselves at the right moment, well, they’re gonna let you down.

There are going to be lots of days that you simply don’t want to.

You don’t want to wake up early.
You don’t want to write another blog post.
You don’t want to host a new live video training.
You don’t want to do you social media posts.

Time to quit whining and do the work.

And how do you do the work when it’s just SO EASY to say I’m not going to do that today.

By becoming the person you need to be.

The person who will show up every day and do the work necessary.

Here’s how –

Step #1: Get your journal and start writing about your dream life. Who’s in it? What are you doing? Where are you living? How are you spending your days. Be VERY specific.

Step #2: Visualize you actually living that dream life. How do you feel? Write those feelings down.

Step #3: Ask yourself what you can do to feel those feelings. For example, let’s say when you visualize that dream life, you feel confident. What kind of activities can you do today that you feel confident doing? Do this for each feeling, and then start actually doing those activities so you can start feeling the way the dream you would feel.

Step #4: Another question to ask yourself is how that dream you would be living her life. What would she be doing every day? How would she be achieving her goals? And then, yes start doing those things!

It goes a little something like this:

Your thoughts turn into feelings which turn into actions. It all starts with your thoughts. Which means you need to be thinking about the dream you and your dream life ALL THE TIME, so that you can feel the good feelings, and take the right actions that will actually get you there, living that life.

Kellie x