The 2 big questions were

The 2 big questions were

Last week we talked about making money in your sleep by moving to selling online.

The 2 big questions were:

​​What online program can you create that solves your ideal clients challenge?

How can you then deliver it?​​

Hopefully by now you have done that because taking action is what is going to get you the results.

Lots of people I see make moving online complicated, it’s not hard when you have someone who has done it before multiple times guiding you. ​​

You just have to go through step by step and take the action. ​​

Now it’s time to create it.

​​​​​​​The key is to NOT create the program fully before you start selling it.

I repeat you DO NOT have to create the program fully before you start selling ​​it.

Otherwise you can get caught up in life, get busy and it never becomes a priority.

However if you are selling the online programs then finishing and delivering becomes urgent so you HAVE to make it happen.

Depends on what you decided on selling but just start with the first section, always be one step ahead.

For example I just got off a call with one of my clients who has a super successful group fitness studio and wants to move online.

She is creating a 5 day challenge series ​​​​with the option to upgrade at the end of the 5 days.

I said to her ‘Create the landing page, graphics for social media and the first day email, then promote and get it out there, then you can finish the 5 days whilst people are resgierting’

It was a big ohhh, that makes sense moment for her​​​​.

That’s what I want you to start doing this week.

So here is your action list:​​

Write/develop the first section of your online offer this week.

Create graphics in Canva so you can start promoting next week.​​​​

Then next week we will go into promoting and selling.

Now it doesn’t matter if you aren’t selling online the strategies work for both offline and online​​ so learning these methods will also help you to generate more leads and clients in your face to face business.

Time for action ladies​​!

You’ve got this, ​​​​


Kellie x