The first quarter of 2017 is done

The first quarter of 2017 is done

The first quarter of 2017 is done.

How did you go? Did you hit your goals that you set? Are you on track for the rest of 2017?

The more ladies I help the more it shows that it starts with your thoughts and beliefs.

Same goes for me.

I just wrapped up my 8 week program and the emails I have received about what they have achieved in such a short time is mind blowing.

One lady even quadrupled her business in 2 months.

Why? Yes the actions I shared to generate leads definitely work however it first starts with those crazy thoughts going through your head.

Get that sorted and the flood gates open, literally.

Business becomes easy and that is exactly what I know get told so many times.

It can be easy if you allow it.

So this week I want to turn the journalling up a notch.

It’s journalling week for all you amazing women in fitness.

I want you to have leads flowing in

I want you to have loads of money sitting in your account

I want you to buy what you want when you want

I want you to be abundance in every area of your life

Add these in to your usual journaling practice.

DAY 1: What do you WANT right now, today? How do you want to feel? What do you want to receive? Why is that important?

DAY 2: What kind of support do you not have in your life right now that you really desire to have? A nanny? Cleaner? Coach? Chef? What support do you want and why? How will hiring this person change your life for the better?

DAY 3: How can you increase your income each day? Think of a bunch of things you could do daily and then… START DOING THEM.

DAY 4: What have you been holding on to that you know you need to let go of? Something negative that someone said to/about you? A project that didn’t go as well as expected? Journal about how holding on to it is hurting you and what you can do instead to let it go and feel empowered, inspired and excited again.

DAY 5: What are 10 tasks you can do today that will either make you more money or get your name in front of more people? Do all 10!

DAY 6: What has happened this week that you are exceptionally grateful for? A certain person? An experience? An activity? An item you bought? A feeling you felt? List out 100 things/people/experiences you are grateful for from this week. Celebrate!

DAY 7: Do you know how you can start next week with a bang? By preparing TODAY! Write down everything you want to do next week and then immediately cross out 3 things (things that aren’t SUPER important and can wait).

Take action on 1 of those things today. Write down how proud of yourself you are for taking immediate action (before you take it).

Time to make it happen NOW!