This is so cool I had to share with you

This is so cool I had to share with you

This is so cool I had to share with you.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some powerful strategies on building your fitness business with Live Streams.

Step 1 is to map out your content.

It’s a super simple formula that allows you to create live content that is of MASSIVE value to your tribe.

I want you to write out the 7 most common asked questions your clients/tribe/ideal clients have asked you recently.

For example:

1. What should I eat before I exercise?
2. How long does it take to get results?
3. What foods should I eat?
4. Why am I so sore after exercise?
5. Do I have to be fit to start an exercise program?
6. How long should I exercise for?
7. What can I expect when I start exercising?

Once you have your 7 questions it’s time to turn them into Live Stream Headlines.

Headlines should grab attention but be simple to understand and get them curious as to what you will be covering.

If you get stuck for ideas then check this out ==>

For example:

1. Simple Foods To Eat Before Exercise That Give You Loads Of Energy
2. How To Get Results In 14 Days With Exercise

Then with each of those 7 break them down into 4 different steps, ways or tips.

For example:

1. My Top 3 Snack Recipes
2. My Favourite Foods To Eat Before Exercise
3. Increase Your Energy With These Superfoods
4. #1 Favourite Recipe I Eat Before Exercise

That’s 28 days worth of content.

Once you do this for every month you will have a whole year of content mapped out for you daily!

Do you think showing up daily delivering this valuable content for your tribe would increase your leads and business?


Will you commit to making this happen?

Kellie x