Top 5 Ways To Make More Money Fast

Top 5 Ways To Make More Money Fast

Sometimes you want to bring in a flood of cash and fast!
You might of had a unexpected bill or just that you want to purchase something.

Regardless of why.

You want it and you want it NOW.

And the problem with this is that when it happens, you’re using in a scarcity mindset.

‘I need to come up with $2,000 by the end of the day for this!”
“If I don’t pay this bill, then I am in big trouble”
“I really want that so much! I know it would help me, but where am I going to get the money??”

The scarcity mindset NEVER brings in more money. Ever.
So what do you do?
Get into ACTION!

But first, journal on it.
How do you want to feel about money?
How do you want your relationship to money to be?
Get it out. Onto paper. Out of your head! Write it down, how you want it to be.
Like this:

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly every day.
For every $1 I spent, I receive at least $10 more.
The more money I make, the more I can help others.

I love money and money loves me.
My income is increasing every day.

I always have A LOT of money left over after I pay my expenses.
My bills are always paid before they’re due.

I make $x every day!

Write it all down, every day! But especially before you even ATTEMPT to bring in any money.
Once you’re in that high-vibe money mindset.
You sell!
Here are 5 ways to bring in the cash straight away:
1. Follow up with a potential client that showed an interest in working with you.
2. Host a flash sale for one of your past offers.
3. Create a new offer and do a “beta test” on it. Reach out privately to those you think it would really help and give them a special offer.
4. Package up a bunch of your past offers and sell them together as 1 offer. Special pricing, one day only. OR the package itself is available for one day only.
5. Get creative about where the money can come from. It’s not JUST from your business, don’t forget it! 😉 You can sell something around your home, ask for a loan from the bank or a family member or friend. Think outside the box!
Comment on this post, or start a thread of your own if you have any questions, and to share your progress with us!

Kellie x