How to create, launch and sell lots in your fitness business

How to create, launch and sell lots in your fitness business

Want to know how to create, launch and sell lots in your fitness business whether it be your face to face training or online products?

I follow this process:

I journal daily on what I want to have happen and do the internal work first. ​​

You can implement every strategy ​​however none of those strategies will work if you have a mindset of fear, limits, blocks or scarcity.

Your mindset will win everytime.
And then I take action.

This is the process that I follow:
STEP 1: I make sure it’s something I want to do, this is super important – it has to be aligned.

STEP 2: I map out what I would cover, how I would help, what they would learn, the benefits they would receive.

STEP 3: I write out the why: why should they buy, why now, why is it important, why do they NEED it?

STEP 4: I write out the main result – what is it they will actually get/receive/achieve if actually implemented what I share.

STEP 5: I write out the features (1:1 calls, done-for-you items, accountability, group calls, a mastermind group, checklists/worksheets/scripts, anything else?), including EVERYTHING they will get when they sign up.

STEP 6: I decide on the catchy, result-based title of the offer, and usually a little blurb about what it is, such as:
Work with me for 6 months and go from being overwhelmed, over-worked and underpaid to completely in control, full of endless energy and working with soulmate clients in the business of your dreams without having to do long launches, avoid your family, or work yourself to the bone.

STEP 7: I decide on scarcity. Any bonuses to add? Limited amount? Is there an early-bird price? Is there a payment plan? Are there limited places available? When does the cart close?

STEP 8: I create the sales page, or create the sales write-up that I will use for emails or social media posts.


YES, I do this every time I launch an offer.

Now with the start of a new month you have to have an offer going out?

What is your offer for this month?

Post in this thread, I would love to hear. ​​​​​​​