Welcome to the second quarter of 2017

Welcome to the second quarter of 2017

Welcome to the second quarter of 2017.

The last 90 days has been HUGE.

On Friday I had a meeting on the Gold Coast (VERY cool things happening) so made the most of the travels to take time out and recharge.

Which is extremely important to do as business owners and especially as mums.

Most of the time we put everyone else first and forget about ourselves.

YOU are the most important, to be your best you need to be at your best.

And when it comes to business being your best doesn’t have to be complicated.

Success is really simple.

You do have to have the drive,

You do have to have that fire.

Yes most people don’t commit to taking daily action.

You do what I am about to share consistently you will get the results.


1. Mindset.

Journal every day on what you want in your life, as if it’s already happened. No excuses. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY.

2. Messaging/Content.

Create content with your message world , and share it with your community. All comes back to value.

3. Sales.

At least 5 sales activities every day, with AT LEAST 1 of those activities being you actively promoting your offers.

This also include creating a new offer, writing a sales page, following up with a potential client, etc.

4. Community.

Spend time every day doing these 2 things:

1 – Growing your community. Do something to promote your Facebook, your Instagram/Snapchat profile, or your email list. Or all of the above.

2 – Engaging with your community. Actually show up and, you know, TALK to the people that follow you.

Comment on their stuff, respond to their emails, encourage and support them. BE THERE and show you care.

5. Expansion.

Do something every day that will put you on the path to expansion in your life and business.

This could be money related (where you set a big money goal and then journal on how to make it a reality, for example).

Do something daily that will move you closer to your expansion goals. Always be thinking bigger and setting bigger goals!

This is the work that works.

This is the stuff that actually matters.

This is what you need to spend 99% of your time on every day.

Now go and do it.


Kellie x