Work out what your online program is

Work out what your online program is

I am sure the first thing you turn to if you want to generate more leads, make more money, works out what your online program to sell is go straight to the strategies.

You may get in a panic, start stressing and head into reactive mode.

:: You up your social media posts

:: You follow up people who enquired in the past

:: You start thinking what other action can I take to

:: You start taking action that is not in alignment with you

When the first thing that you need to understand is that everything starts WITHIN.

Everything that exists in your life right now was one a thought.

So if you want to change what you have then you first need to shift internally.

Picture below was posted in my group this morning and it is a perfect example of where you need to start if you do want to make more money, if you do want more leads coming through.

The question is have you been doing your daily mindset work?

If the answer is NO then you what is getting in the way?

Here are some prompts to help you move forward.

I promise when you start listening to yourself then you will have massive shifts.

I am now willing to release ________________.
I am open and willing to receive more ________________.
It’s time for me to ______________.
I no longer allow ___________ in my life.
If I was acting from flow right now, I would be __________.
I love and am really good at __________
My clients are _____________.
My business is _____________.
My life is _______________.
I’m committing ___ hours/minutes to ___________ this week/every day.
The more I ___________, the better I feel.
Today I feel ______________.
Today was _____________.
This week/month was _______________.
I give myself permission to ___________.
I’m now able to ____________.
I now receive __________ every day/week/month.
I am grateful for ______________.
I am so happy that ______________.
I call in ____________ now.
It’s easy for me to __________.
Today I _______________ (list out the accomplishments you want to have by the end of the day).

How do I know this works?

:: My ladies hit over $10k per month within 8 weeks of working with me directly.

:: I have ladies now turning over $20k, $30k, $50k+ every month

:: I myself have $30k – $40k per month (and growing) on automation and working 30 hours a week.

:: I have invested so much money into learning and implementing from the best of the best and the common denominator is mindset. Yes strategies are important and yes you need to take action daily however MINDSET is the missing piece that people don’t tell you about.

This week commit to making this happen for you and post in the group your insights.

This is the secret to having ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you want in life.

Kellie x

PS. Also pop in the group and tell me what your biggest challenge is right now and I will make sure I send you content that addresses it for you.